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Mogilevskiy Trade College - Branch of the Institution of the Formation "Belarusian Trade and Economics University of Consumer Cooperatives"

27-01-2015, 10:05, просмотров: 2230

Branch of the Institution of the Formation "Belarusian Trade and Economics University of Consumer Cooperatives" "Mogilevskiy Trade College"

Welcome on site of our college!

Mogilevskiy Trade College - Branch of the Institution of the Formation "Belarusian Trade and Economics University of Consumer Cooperatives"

We invite the applicant for reception average special and professional-technical formation. The College realizes preparing the personnel(frames) with professional-technical formation on base of the general secondary education and with average special formation on base professional- technical formation.
Preparing the personnel(frames) be with professional-technical formation to lead on the following profession worker: comptroller-teller (the comptroller), seller, cook, pastry cook, barman, bartender, waiter.
Preparing the personnel (frames) with average special formation on base professional-technical formation is realized on professions 2-25 01 10 Commercial activity (on directions) with conferring the qualifications - a merchandiser, Marketing conferring with the qualifications as an economist in marketing.
The College is located in 4-h storied building and disposes the necessary scholastic cabinet, laboratory and workshops. There is two modern computer classes, library, but for undertaking occupation on physical culture and athletic-mass athletic-sanitary action - an athletic common-room and stadium.
For residence training there is two comfortable dormitories of the block type.
Our college has a most rich history. The Key dates of existence of the institution:
1 July 1979 - a base Mogilevskogo cooperative professional-technical school;
the June 11 2001 - a renaming in UO "Cooperative professional-technical school;
the July 29 2008 - is reorganized in UO "Mogilevskiy professional-technical trade college belcooperatcii".
For 30 years of existence of the educational institution is prepared over 7596 competitive personnel (frames) mass profession, including:
The Seller - 5001 Cooks - 1154 Bakers; the Pastry cook - 490 Cooks; the Pastry cook - 472 Barmans; the Bartender; the Waiter - 397 Zagotoviteli products and cheese;
The Seller of the foodstuffs; Comptroller-teller - 43
You find information put on our about profession which we train, condition of the arrival and necessary document.
We thank for developed interest and shall pleased see you as our student.

Acceptance on level of the average special formation is realized from number of the persons, having professional-technical formation with the general secondary educations (at presence profession worker "Seller" or "Seller of the foodstuffs", "Seller industrial goods") on directions organization consumer cooperatcii or on pay base.
The enrolment on day and correspondence study forms of the education is realized on contest average ballet document about formation (average ballet of the certificate is taken into account about the general secondary educations and diploma about professional-technical formation).

Contact information

The Address: The Republic of Belarus, 212039 Mogilev, str. Minskoe freeway, 22 (Kazimirovka)
Tel.: (8-0222) 28-97-67, 32-15-90, 32-18-95
E-mail: mtk@mogops.by

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